Cigano GJ-5 D-Hole Django Gitarre

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Cigano GJ-5 D Hole Guitar
Spruce top, Asian rosewood body & f/board, flat cutaway. Gypsy Jazz Guitar.

About Gitane Gypsy Jazz Guitars
These beautiful guitars pay homage to the Selmer and Maccaferri guitars of the early 20th century. They are all solid wood, are a joy to play, and look and sound like the real thing, right down to the excellent reproduction of the original tailpiece.

    The amazing Gitane models caused a big stir in the music press:
  • Guitar Buyer: „Gold Stars: Great Sound, Great playability, Superb Value for Money. Black Marks: At this price, none“
  • John Jorgenson (who plays Django Reinhardt in the movies!): The one thing that has been missing has been a high quality gypsy jazz guitar at an affordable price – until now….The D250M is just an all-around great guitar, not even considering the price.
  • Guitar Player (USA): These Gitanes provide affordable, toneful passports to the world of Gypsy jazz guitar.
  • „Satisfying recreation of a 1932 big mouth Selmer Maccaferri. Huge warm sound and excellent playability“ – DG500 reviewed in Guitar Player Magazine.
Cigano GJ-5 Gitarre mit d-förmigem Loch; Fichtendecke; Korpus und Griffbrett aus asiatischem Palisander und flachem Cutaway. Gypsy Jazz-Gitarre
Von Gitane Gypsy- und Jazzgitarren hergestellt – für den Zigeuner in unserer Seele. Originalgetreue Kopien von Selmer- und Maccaferri-Jazzgitarren.
Fichtendecke, Korpus und Griffbrett aus asiatischem Palisander
Eine Gypsy-Jazzgitarre im Maccaferri-Stil
Flacher Korpus mit Cutaway

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