How to Text a Girl – 5 Secret Texting Tips to Create Massive Attraction

Ignoring her, and having TONS of fish on the line

A lot of guys will focus only on one girl and at the same time drive her away, why is this? Imagine you are fishing, and only have one „rod“ in the water. You will inherently pay too much attention to the line and jump all over it the second it jiggles. Now imagine you have ten rods in the water, one jiggles but you don’t give it the same level of attention because two others are showing interest at the same time. The more fish you have curious about your bait the higher the chances you are going to catch one, not only because of a numbers game but simply because you physically can’t pay too much attention to only one. This is a type of positive self-sabotage to keep your attention divided. This is one of the stranger things about relationships and is exactly why „when it rains, it pours“ is a very true adage.

The Art of Push and Pull

Push and pull I have heard in the PUA world a few times but I have never heard a good explanation as to why it works and I have never heard it applied to how to text a girl. Let me explain how to move this useful tool so there is no doubt as to how to text a girl, perfectly. I liken push and pull to self-stimulation (you get what I mean, right?) as you „work“ on yourself, you are creating arousal. If you only „pulled“ or only „pushed“ there would be no „erecting“ attraction and certainly no release. In the texting world it might look like this: You: Hey cutie, did you get that job yet? (pull) Her: Don’t know yet kinda worried You: Well, if you weren’t so under qualified (push) Her: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!? You: I was talking about us (second push) Her: Whatever, you wish you could date me! € You: Sigh, you are right, I am certainly not in your league (pull) Her: Gawd! I know you… so full of yourself You: Sure am, and that’s why you have the hots for me (push) Her: hahaha, not… You: Okay sweetie, got to run, good luck on the job and let me know if you get it (pull) Her: Thanks! Take care… We have just stimulated the situation and because there was no release we have built up the interest for the second interaction, nicely done. (Let me add something, just read another „textpert’s“ advice on how to text women. To my lack of surprise, it was relatively rude and about 80% push. This is the most common PUA mistake, they rarely incorporate enough pull and put themselves at risk of being labeled a jerk, or only create attraction based on temporary negative tension)

Why you should be a pain in the A** over text

Being difficult is a killer tool for creating attraction over text because it forces the other person to play by your rules and not theirs. A lot of guys when texting a girl will take a more passive role, since they believe that if she „likes“ you she will choose you. Not that simple, does anyone desire something that is not challenging? This comes down to perception of value, if there are a bunch of hurdles in your particular race it certainly makes it more fun to win. We want to make sure that she values you as much as possible and therefore wants to race. Example: Her: Hey when are you going to ask me out… You: I was going to ask you the same question Her: Girls don’t ask guys out You: Well I guess we aren’t going out, so disappointing… Her: Come on, just say it, and don’t worry, I will say yes You: No, and I know you will say yes, I can tell you got it bad for me! Her: Jeeze… Why do you have to be so difficult? You: Because you like it Her: Maybe I do okay… I am free on This text exchange might take place over an hour or a few days but the point is that you didn’t back down. Women love to push boundaries to test what kind of man you are, this is natural this is normal. Being difficult and not bowing to the will of a woman is incredibly attractive and powerful, when texting a girl.

Safety and comfort then sex

Above we talk a lot about pushing her, being difficult, ignoring her and simply raising your value by not being conventional. At the same time it is incredibly important to communicate that you are a safe guy, that you are friendly, that you are decent, and that sex is not your priority. Fortunately, text is a great place to do this, with text you can craft your response rather the knee jerk you might vomit out in person. Not creating safety and comfort is the number one reason she shuts the sex gates on your advances. If you don’t know how to text a girl properly and you send her something that is overly sexual or mildly aggressive, you will set off her flight response. Do you know why women love gay men? Because they get their male fix with zero sexual threat. I am not asking you to be effeminate around women (but it certainly doesn’t hurt) only to understand that even the smallest sexual physical threat sends women running. How does this translate to texing girls? Simple, keep sex talk to a minimum, keep anger totally wrapped up, and present them the safest guy you can. Now mix that with being push/pull, and you have a guy ALL women will be stupid attracted to. (Note, danger is a form of sexual tension, but this is a tight rope of attraction, one that can take a very long time to master)

Your goal is mastery not a bunch of rules and techniques

I teach a ton of rules and techniques for texting girls but I personally don’t need them anymore. Why? Because I understand the secret of relationship balance, something that if understood will launch you success, not only with texting girls but in all relationships. Make sure you continue below to really master texting.

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