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There are many tones and songs that we can played on a cell phone. From local bands to foreign songs, anything can be installed on a cell phone. Some songs can be uploaded using a file uploading and hosting site. There are sites that have a streaming feature wherein they would play a song on a site and web users can download the file after listening to it. The songs are classified according to genre, length, location and file format. The file format would be the deciding factor if the song would be played as a ring tone for a phone or as message alert tones. However, the tracks or songs that can be downloaded on the net can be edited using music manipulation software or a track converter application. Such applications can also be downloaded on the net and some are even free. The tracks would then be cut and formatted in order for the cell phone to recognize it.

The problem with sharing songs on the net is that some countries do not allow file sharing as well as file transfer. Because of copyright laws, sharing files is prohibited in some countries and the ones that are caught are often penalized or imprisoned. However, some countries do allow file sharing and downloading of songs in some sites. In order to share tracks and message alert tones on the net, most sites would acquire pre made tracks. The premade tracks that they would use are not registered with copyright laws and anyone can just download them. The difference with alert tones and music tracks is that some alert tones came from recorded sounds such as cars or airplanes while music tracks are from various bands and artists and that is why most tracks have copyright issues.

However, sharing files on the net might be dangerous sometimes. Since some sites would advertise free tracks, they are often embedded with spyware and other malicious files. Contrary to what others believe, embedding a virus on a file is quite easy and anyone can do it. For those who want to manipulate the computer or cell phone of others, they would often embed a malicious file on one of the tracks so that users would download the file. Some file sharing sites also have an issue with security since some users would change the name of a virus into a name of a song so that others would download it.

In order to prevent downloading malicious files on the net, web users should be aware of the file size per track. Usually, songs based on mp3 format have a size of over 1 to 3 megabytes. A file that is smaller that 1 megabyte is considered a virus. There are also filtering devices on the net wherein the websites with viruses would be filtered. Then the search engine would tag the site as harmless so that other users would not download or even open such sites. Updating the anti virus as well as the anti spyware programs would also lessen the risk of an intrusion.

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