Musical Culture of the Munda Tribe

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This book on musical culture of the Munda Tribe of Chotanagpur plateau of middle eastern India is a step in this direction .Music is composed from real life situation and experiences of either sex of the individuals and depicts the total life as well as cultural history of the people of that period.How a Munda perceives, conceptualises and articulates his life experiences ideas and emotions and how he formulates philosophy of life out of his experiences, is a representative example of the pattern and process in music making and its value in tribal society. Musical life of the tribals is full of behavioural activities and interaction with men, on the one hand, and with nature and spirit world, on the other. Human ideas, attitudes and emotion in general, find its best expression through the medium of songs and dance and the best example of it can be seen in Munda music. In the book, original songs texts have been retained with English translation so as to facilitate further research in this area.

The Munda Tradition of music and culture

Anthropology of Munda songs
Music of the Mundas
Dances of the Mundas

Journey through the stages of life

Making the life
Marriage and social life
The Marital life

The Environment and tribal people

The Physical Environment
The Flora world in songs
The cosmic Universe

The Social World and the Philosophy of Life

Socialization and People of other cultures
The Philosophy of life and world views

Political History of the people

The Different periods in History
Degeneration of Musical culture

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