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The thing I love about oldies music lyrics is that those singers sang about their feelings. Back in the day they came straight from the heart. Whether it was love, hate, whatever, it was genuine. Especially where love is concerned. Those singers really knew how to sing about love. If a man loved a woman, he told her so. He did not go around trying to be a player, trying to get all the women in the world to be with him. He just got that one woman, wrote a song about her and sang his heart out to let her know how he felt. Today's songs have nothing on oldies music lyrics. First of all it is rare to find an artist today singing about true love, at least on mainstream radio. Also the thing that helped the old school singers create great lyrics were their musicians who used real instruments, not electronic music and synthesizers. If you listen to a song today that's at least forty years old, you will hear a trumpet, a flute, a saxophone, real instruments.

The words in oldies music lyrics can easily bring out in you what you've been wanting to say, but could not find the words to say on your own. You can listen to any country song by Conway Twitty and find yourself bawling at the end because the words are so truthful and have so much meaning to at least one situation in your life. That is what oldies music lyrics does. It speaks about truth. There's always a meaning in the song. I do not think today's artists have the inspiration of those that came before them. Think about it, when you imagine a classic song, what comes to mind? Probably not any song written in the past thirty years. The classic songs, especially the love ballads, are from back in the day. Even the fast rock and roll songs are the older ones, not anything you might hear on today's top 40. They do not even come close. Slow songs, fast songs, blues, country, pop, rock, and even the motown sound … there is no substitute for old school.

Most of the artists today do not even have the talent to write original songs and lyrics. They spend so much time sampling other songs and then when they do use great music, they sample over it with rap songs. I know some of these old school song writers who have left this earth are somewhere saying, "why in the world did you give them permission to sample over my song." Old school singers sang about life. The writers wrote about life and that's not textbook. That's called being creative, in other words, having talent.

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