Texts to Send a Guy – The Most Effective Way to Flirt Text a Guy

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I assume you are here because you met a cool guy, got his number, but now you don’t know what text to send!? You think to yourself, I want him to be more attracted to me, but I feel awkward texting him. How to I get him to follow me around like a lost puppy rather than me waiting desperately for his next text. Here are a couple of great texts to send to a guy to keep his interest and create crazy attraction.

Texting that begs a response

Hey I heard something interesting about you yesterday

It was good talking to you last night, but I am curious about something…

Are you always like this? (Kinda funny if there is no context)

Nice to meet you the other day, btw for a jock you are kinda smart

All of the above stimulates his curiosity or simply makes him want to text you back. Things like this are excellent for generating conversation with a guy you want to text back right away. Once you have gotten the convo flowing you can move into the next stage, and start to apply bratty/playful behavior.

Creating attraction by being Bratty/Playful

I like guys like you, but I wish you were a little taller! (He is 6’5″)

I think you should hurry up and ask me out, I saw your best friend eying me… (His best friend is gay)

With bratty/playful you are pushing interest and then pulling it away. A very simple example when texting a guy would be, „Wow, you are attractive! Hahaha, but don’t worry your not my type…“ While this isn’t horribly witty it still leaves the target off-balance, and almost forces them to respond.

The idea is to play with the guy a bit, show your intelligence but in a classy way. We don’t take cheap shots, rather smart ones. We want to be the elusive fish that he really wants to catch. Here is an example of a full text conversation with bratty/playful:

Him: Hey Jackie, what are you up to on Saturday?

You: Why, are you asking me out? Because if so I am not sure…

Him: Hey! What is that supposed to mean?

You: Well, you are attractive and all… but you seem like a potential stalker

Him: Hahaha, I guess as a cop, you would expect that

You: You have a point, but if you are asking me out I have one request

Him: Oh no, I am afraid now

You: You should be

Him: What? You’re not going to tell me?

You: Are you asking me out?

Him: Yes, I am officially asking you to dinner

You: Sounds great, but don’t get the wrong idea, I am really only using you to get out of parking tickets

This was an excellent text to send a guy, really playful, elusive and bratty. You were buzzing all around him and he couldn’t pin you down. He is now curious as hell about what makes you tick. You were far more witty and more interesting than him, and he wants his power back! Well played, and hopefully he will show up to the date in uniform!

Getting him to ask you out over text

When sending a text to a guy I would be very cautious about asking him out, the woman who can pull this off without losing power is rare. I know you think this should be totally acceptable but it isn’t!

Have you ever heard the expression, „Guys chase women until she catches him“ do you see the truth here? You are not a guy, you are not the chaser, even if you really really like him. Rather, you allow, allure, and trick him into chasing you. Then you catch him! You are the bait and the trap, and you must learn to wiggle the bait. However, sometimes you are allowed to tell him what to do when you send him a text, for example:

You: Jack, I want to go to that new French restaurant near your place. I am free next Friday.

Jack: Hahaha, that was abrupt, why don’t you ask me out?

You: It doesn’t work that way, I also refuse to drive, buy you flowers, or open your door for you.

Jack: Okay okay! I give in. I would love your company this Friday at Pierre Le Fran

You: Well done, I will have to double-check my schedule but I think I can squeeze you in.

Jack: Killing me girl, see you soon.

A more subtle approach:

Jack: What kind of food do you like?

You: I adore French food!

Jack: Hey did you know there is a new French restaurant near my place? (Yes, of course you knew this)

You: Ah… I think I’ve heard of that place, it sounds great, I wanted to go but no one to go with (He better get the damn hint but some guys are thick or simply afraid of rejection)

Jack: I would love to take you, when are you free?

You: Friday would be perfect

There are many ways to do this but your text still needs to be perceived as his idea or you are robbing him of the chance to be a man. Not only that, but every time you come off needy with a man you are going to move from relationship potential to sexual only. Not a place you want to be in.

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