The Inbetweeners and Skins – Down-Low From a Student

Being at university I am now able to look down on the new cast of Skins as young, A-level bound adolescents who live in a fantastical environment somewhere just outside of Bristol. However when I look at the gang in The Inbetweeners it makes me miss everything about sixth form life: buying alcohol underage, having big crushes on girls, wearing a hobo’s shoes?

The premise of a poncy public school chap (alias Briefcase wanker) forced to converse with the regular Joe Smith’s in the local comprehensive is one that is entertaining enough. However the shows strength is its ode to modern culture. Milfs – present, urban dictionary slang – frequent and failure to get with many, many girls – countless. To parents this may seem a very distant culture from what they had at school (strict teachers! detention! the cane!), but The Inbetweeners is one of those shows that illustrates just what higher education has come too.

Whether it is the school bully Donovan or Neil’s likable stupidity („how long is my lunch hour?“) the show’s ideology of comprehensive schools may not be far from the truth. Unlike in „reality drama“ Skins where we are led to believe students drive around Bristol in minis with coffins on the bonnet, The Inbetweeners actually tells us what happens in sixth form.

It is light-hearted entertainment that uses situations so cringe it makes you want to go to university as soon as possible. After all we can’t be sixth formers forever and when this second series is due to finish, The Inbetweeners cast and production team will have to realize this bitter reality.

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Source by Joel Girling

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