The Most Influential Tori Amos Lyrics – And Their Meanings

In female singer-songwriter history, Tori Amos definitely tops the charts. Her songwriting was just as powerful as her voice. Her lyrics alone could captivate and move an audience, let alone her melodies. Her songs weren’t always about love and romance; they often went much deeper than the surface. Her lyrics made her audience think and debate. Lyrics to any song are just as important as their melodies, but unfortunately do not always get the credit they deserve because many listeners do not take the time to really understand a song, unlike her true fans. Out of hundreds of songs, I have chosen what I believe are the top 3 most influential Tori Amos lyrics and what they mean to me.

1. Winter

This song is about a girl learning to love her self as much as her father. Also, in the midst of a changing world, she must hold on to her inner child and memories, or „all the white horses“.

2. Original Sinsuality

This song is comparing Gnostic beliefs with those of a traditional God, but it seems she is trying to connect the two. It brings great debate, some believe her words are a metaphor for the traditional God, and others can take it literally that there is not a traditional God.

3. Maybe California

This song is about a mother contemplating suicide because of a failing marriage. Another woman tells her to be strong because if not, her children will suffer more than her own suffering. My favorite lines are „As mothers we have our troubles. You’ll leave them with emptiness for their lifetime.“

Whether or not you agree with my interpretations of what I feel are the most influential Tori Amos lyrics, there is no denying her incredible songwriting ability to reach a mass audience of different beliefs and opinions.

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Source by Michelle A. Forest

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