Typing (A Poem, #19, Written in 1963)

Advance: Originally written, 1963, at the age of 16-years old. This poem was put into the Washington High School newspaper (St. Paul, Minnesota), my typing teacher spotted me writing this poem, and not doing my required work, and gave it to the journalism teacher, and it was published. My first published work/poem #19. It is funny, as you read it, near the last lines it reads „You may know it from the Twentieth to the twenty-first century.“ Written 44-years ago, I was predicting my future, and I still do know how to type. This poem was also put into my first book, „The Other Door,“ written in 1980, and published in 1981, no a classic and hard to find. During my High School days, I didn’t write all that much, perhaps 17-poems total, from the age of 11 to 16, and then several more thereafter.


Typing is fun

With a little play

I could type

Almost all day.

Look at your book

Sit up straight,

It’s just as easy

As baking a cake.

Of course it takes time

But what does not?

Everything takes time,

Even a clock.

Just think of the fun

Watching your fingers go ‚round,

Or looking at the book

Go down, down, down.

And when you’re at the bottom,

You might feel like me-

Tired, worn out,

Like ancient history.

But still you’ve learned

What you’ve done that day,

And you may know it

‚Til Tuesday.

Of course, if you’re good,

I mean, like me,

You may know it from the

Twentieth to the twenty-first century.

Well, do some typing

It won’t do any harm

Give you a grade

With a little charm,

And even a little muscle

In your arms.

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Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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