Wedding Music Guide: The Send Off

Wedding Dance Send Off - Wedding Music

Wedding Music Guide: The Send Off…

Once Upon A Time…

Imagine those classic Hollywood-films where the married couple would dance one last time, swaying as they hold their embrace before it’s announced by the best man they have to leave for their honey moon. All of a sudden, the couple fly out of their wedding reception, running hand-in-hand before they jump into a convertible with balloons and cans tied to the back-bumper. Crowds of guests flood into the street, waving and shouting well-wishes as the newly weds drive off into the distance. Then the film ends and hopefully they live happily ever after. Is that what your wedding send off is going to be like? Well, this short article is exactly about how to have a personal send off, especially in music terms so that its tailored to you.

Stay or Go

Weddings are personal affairs, so having a send-off is not a must, but if you’re going to have one, when should you do it? I can’t say to go with a Hollywood style wedding, but there are definitely two camps of opinions as to when the couple should leave, and hence, when the send off song should be played. One camp feels that brides and grooms take their time to plan their weddings, and after all the money and painstaking effort that goes into it, they should be entitled to stay as long as they want, even to the very end and enjoy the company of friends and family. In that instance, you can just have the last song of the evening, as the sending off song, signalling the end of the reception.

Others feel it’s tradition for the newly weds to leave early so that they can start preparing for their honey moon. The guests can then give a proper send off, Hollywood style. Even more so, people also feel the couple should be able to leave as early as they want, as long as it’s not ridiculously early as to offend the guests.

Fun Send Off Song

No matter which camp you’re in, whether you want to stay until the last moments, or get away for whatever reason, just like the first dance song, you can choose another wedding music moment. Choosing the music for the send off should be a lot easier than all the other music decisions for the day. It’s another mark to leave on the night, the last song everybody will remember, and unlike the usually slow tempo first dance, it can be more upbeat, or it can be overtly dramatic, designed to get a few people teary eyed.

Dance Again?

And there’s no reason the couple have to dance again. The last wedding I went to, right at the end of the night, the couple got everybody into a circle, guys on one side, ladies on the other, and they gave each and everyone a hug before leaving. So if you have an MC or a DJ, you can even organise the guests so that they can say farewell to the couple.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted article on what to do for your send off music. Don’t feel pressured into staying longer than you want to, or leaving earlier than you think you should. And have fun with your send off song. If you’re looking for wedding music at your reception, Carol Black is soul singer, who performs classics from past to present in the UK.

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