Creative Ways to Say "I Love You" Via Text

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Sometimes, the simplest things can be the hardest things to do. In fact, you could be looking at your phone right now, at his name on your list of contacts, wanting to send him a quick text of „I love you“ but realizing that maybe, just maybe „I love you“ sounds a little generic and you recall saying that a million times next week. The thing about romanticism is that it always has to feel new and inventive. While your beau will probably want to read your text thinking to himself, „Wow, this is so new and inventive“, he will probably smile brighter because of the effort you seem to put behind it. While men don’t always understand how much thought you put into something, they always appreciate your effort. Texting „I love you“ would be no different, so try a little harder to be different. Below are a few ways how.

1. Use Quotes Said By Others as a Way to Express Your Longing

The trick with quotes is that they can be tough to compress into the space of a text message. So, when finding a great longing quote, look for shorter ones to make them both short in length but sweet in words. It can be difficult to keep his attention long enough to make him read a quote that lasts well past two text messages, so length is important when dealing with this idea.

2. Incorporate the Fact that You Miss Your Love Through a List of „I Miss You’s“

The list of course cannot be texted all at one time, so try to text the list throughout the day, one „I miss you“ at a time. This idea works especially well for a couple who has been separated for a long period of time because the things that you miss will be much more appreciated, much more studied, much more remembered, and much more loved. Some examples may be:

  • I miss you swearing up and down that you aren’t ticklish, but laughing every time I touch you there
  • I miss you allowing to brush your hair sometimes, telling me it relaxes you
  • I miss you cooking for me when I’m too tired to think
  • I miss you laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, but jokes that make me laugh too

End With: I miss you.

3. Songs Are the Soundtrack of Your Life, They’re the Same Way With Love Too

Songs can be an easy way to connect and create words that you sometimes cannot say. By texting a favorite song or two, or a song that reminds you of him or her, can give them a chance to YouTube the song, listen to it, and realize why you fell in love with it. Try to do this every so often. The song can be one that expresses happiness, sadness, or one that reminds you of them. It could even be a song that the two of you enjoy together and can help them reminisce the moment that the two of you shared with that particular song.

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