Poetry Morality, Quality Of Life And Logic

Poetry Morality, Quality of Life and logic*

Hasan Yahya

 Poem I

New Beginning


After death, I am rising again

To build beauty over war ruins

A small cottage

Surrounded with pregnant trees and flowers

Wheat and corn and vegetables

Listening to bees in beehives

Announcing peace birth

Where birds sing

and moon  rises with wings

and noon arrives on white horse

jumps to the night stars

to wake up the sleeping hearts


 Poem II

Fools, Fools


Do you have Nails?

Yes, I Do!

Do you have Wood?

Yes I do!

Do you have a hammer?

Yes I do!

Do you have a sew?

Yes I do!

Do you have money enough

To buy a large white cloth?

Yes I do!

Build yourself a coffin,  then,

And burry yourself in.

This is an accurate description

Of these days‘ Fools

Who have everything

Necessary to burry themselves

In the coffin of dignity

Of dogmatism

Of corruption

 * From Poetry Diwan for the author



  • Quality of Life for some nations: (Hasan Yahya)
  • – World living Quality of life report announced: Egypt, Qatar and Syria were ranked 130 on the quality of life in the world community. Saudi Arabia, however, came 171, And Iraq occupied the lowest rank 195 Even Somalia was a little better than Iraq (194), Yemen 193, and Sudan 192.According to International living association in research done for the year 2008. Tunisia was the best Arab country ranked 77, then Morocco and Jordan ranked 91, them Lebanon 98, Algeria and Kuwait137, and finally the UAE 144. France was number one. Then Australia and Holland, while the USA came fifth, Israel and Turkey ranked 71, Afghanistan 191, after Iran 190.



Over the past three years many Palestinians have overtly advocated a political solution through integration of Palestine and Israel into one country. Palestinians argue powerfully. Israel has managed to fragment the West Bank irreversibly through massive settlements, a wall and limitless checkpoints [over 650] There is no way to reverse the occupation and create a contiguous and viable Palestinian state. For get about borders and give us our human rights as equal citizens with Israelis.

On the other hand a growing number of Israelis covertly entertain their own one-state solution through integration of Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip into Jordan and Egypt, respectively.

Israelis argue with passion: There is plenty of Arab land outside Israel; Palestinian would fit better in the Arab world. When Palestinians separate  from Israel, the Jewish state will achieve security. The two consulting „solutions“ are attractive but they are unrealistic. Real peace may be achieved when  both sides are ready to support a plan of common grounds.

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Source by hasan A. yahya

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